"I'm sure when I ponder my life experiences, during the twilight of my years, I will regard my six weeks in Thailand as six of the most sensational weeks of my life... I traveled to Thailand hoping for an enriching experience. What I found exceeded my wildest expectations."
Chris Cox, International Health Program, Thailand

Management Committee

Daphne Waite - Finance and Administrative Manager

Before joining the GSC team in April 2006, Daphne attended The Superior Commercial College, as well as the Nakuru Computer Training Institute, where she earned diplomas in Computers and Computer System Analysis and Design. In addition to her extensive computer, administrative, and English skills, Daphne brings a warm and welcoming presence to GSC’s Arusha office.  She obtains permits and arranges homestay placements.

Euphrasia Fortunatus - Volunteer Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Program Coordinator

Euphrasia received an Advanced Diploma in Community Development from the Community Development Training Institute in Tengeru.  She has also attended courses on First Aid, food processing, and MBTI.  Euphrasia began working with GSC in 2005 as a counterpart and was then promoted to a position as a Peer Educator Coordinator.  In 2010 Euphrasia took on the role as HIV/AIDS and Nutrition Program Coordinator and is currently also working as the Volunteer Coordinator. 

Simon Willilo - GSC TAPP-60 Project Coordinator

Simon began working with GSC in 2013 as the Project Coordinator of the Fintrac funded GSC TAPP-60 Project. Simon and his team of six trainers along with GSC volunteer participants help USAID meet a primary goal of increasing income and the health of smallholder farmers by providing sustainable agriculture, HIV/AIDS prevention and nutrition workshops to rural Tanzanian villages. Prior to working with GSC Simon completed his pre-law degree and spent two years in England as a drug and alcoholic counselor. 

Management Team

Joyce Nambaso - HIV/AIDS & Nutrition Trainer

Joyce has been working with GSC since 2010 to help educate Tanzanians about HIV/AIDS and nutrition.  Joyce trains our service-learning volunteer participants and students on issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and its impact on Tanzanian communities. Together, Joyce and GSC participants lead workshops that teach community members critical life skills that can help them to decrease their risk of infection.  Joyce’s expertise in HIV/AIDS and nutrition serves a crucial link in helping Tanzanians receive trainings that empower individuals and communities to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  Joyce has an incredible ability to engage workshop participants in sensitive topics and her energy and knowledge is appreciated by all!

Evans Javason - Sustainable Agriculture Instructor

Evans, commonly referred to as Javason, received training at the Kenya Institute of Organic Farming and graduated from the Mpwapwa College of Agriculture and Livestock as a Certified Agriculture and Livestock Technician. He worked as a Tutor at MATI-Tengeru Agricultural College from 1990 – 1998 where he taught Principles of Agriculture and Extension Skills. Javason began working with GSC as a demonstration plot gardener in 2002 and became one of our instructors in 2004. Javason’s teaching skills and village extension support is greatly appreciated by our sustainable agriculture volunteer participants.

Herry Charles
- Driver/Assistant Sustainable Agriculture Trainer

Herry has been a key member of the GSC team since 2010.  He began working with GSC as a driver, safely transporting volunteer participants and staff members to village trainings.  Working with GSC, he developed a keen interest in sustainable agriculture and has since become an expert in the field. Today, he is both the GSC driver and Assistant Sustainable Agriculture Trainer.  He is a fantastic trainer who is committed to helping Tanzanian communities establish food security.  Along with his formal duties, Herry also loves to share his country’s culture, making his stories and insights into Tanzanian history, traditions and wildlife a favorite amongst GSC participants!

William Rite - Sustainable Agriculture Consultant

William is the Senior Assistant Agricultural Tutor at Tengeru College of Agriculture and Livestock Resources, as well as the GSC Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator. He studied at Nyegezi Agricultural College from 1978-1980 to earn his certificate in general agriculture, and returned to Nyegezi in 1982 to earn his diploma in Land Use Planning. In 1989, William attended a one-year course at the Tsukuba College of Agriculture in Japan, and was awarded a diploma in Irrigation and Drainage. He also completed a three-month course on Irrigation Water Management in Thailand in 1994. 2001 marked the beginning of William’s work with GSC, in which he began developing the existing GSC Sustainable agriculture program. Aside from his extensive agricultural expertise, William's lively spirit and sense of humor keep our Sustainable Agriculture participants enthusiastic and involved! 

GSC TAPP-60 Team
  • Eliumbana Mbowe
  • Anna Mtui
  • Euphraimu Mushi
  • Gladness Kampa
  • Richard Mollel
  • Beatrice Emanuel
GSC Office Security Guards
  • Ayub Kiseyan Mollel 
  • Antony Ntuye Kaningal
  • Loti  Thomas Nolle
  • Yusufu  Penda  Mwacha