"I'm sure when I ponder my life experiences, during the twilight of my years, I will regard my six weeks in Thailand as six of the most sensational weeks of my life... I traveled to Thailand hoping for an enriching experience. What I found exceeded my wildest expectations."
Chris Cox, International Health Program, Thailand

PROGRAM UPDATE: After 20 years of service in East Africa, GSC has concluded our work there, and therefore are NO LONGER offering programs in Tanzania.

We’ve decided to leave our Tanzania web pages up so visitors to our site can get an idea of the kind of work that we have done. Information can be found below on best practices and lessons learned from our Tanzania program that we've carried over to our Cambodia programs. 

About Tanzania

Like many countries in Africa, Tanzania is facing a serious HIV/AIDS epidemic which threatens the development of the country. 1.4 million adults and children in Tanzania (approximately 8% of the population) are infected with HIV. Tanzania is also one of the world’s poorest countries in terms of per capita income. The economy depends heavily on agriculture, which accounts for more than one-quarter of Tanzania’s GDP, and employs about 80% of the work force.

Global Service Corps in Tanzania

In response to this HIV/AIDS epidemic and in an effort to increase food security and improve the nutrition and health of Tanzania’s most vulnerable populations, volunteers with Global Service Corps (GSC) offer important trainings to groups in Arusha and rural villages.

Community Service Projects in Rural and Urban Tanzania

Global Service Corps, a longstanding Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Tanzania, offers a unique way to experience Tanzania through our Volunteer Vacations, Short-Term and Long-Term Volunteer Programs, International Internships, and Fellowship Programs.

Overseas volunteers in Tanzania and interns participate in two-week to six-month service-learning programs that focus on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Nutrition Education, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, and International Health. These programs can be experienced through the Community Training, Community Development or Integrated Program formats.
All Tanzania volunteer programs include in-depth cultural orientation and technical training, Swahili lessons, and a safari excursion!

GSC works closely with participants prior to their trip to create a program best suited to their interest areas. Once on-site, our in-country coordinators and host families provide all the needed assistance and support.

GSC's Tanzania volunteer programs abroad:

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